Tallina of Leiden


Saturday, May 1st 1610 – Tallina

“Tallina, it’s no use pouting.” Says your Father firmly. “You will soon be eighteen and people are starting to ask why you are not yet married.”

Your Father holds up his hand as you start to object.

“No. I will have my say first. Your Mother and I have agreed your betrothal with the den Helders and you will be married to Erwin at the end of the Summer. I don’t know why you are so resistant to this arrangement. Erwin is a fine young man and the den Helders are a wealthy and influential family. Perhaps he’s a little, err, lacking in personality and one would be perhaps overstating the case to say that he is good looking, but these things really aren’t important to a successful marriage. Wouldn’t you say so, my dear?”

Your mother looks for a moment as though she doesn’t know whether to laugh or be very cross. Then, without saying a word, she steps towards you holding out her hands, a touch of sympathy suddenly clouding her handsome face. “Tally, please understand that we are doing this for your own good. You will have to married and the longer it’s left, the more difficult it will become to find a suitable match for you.”

She hesitates for a moment, glances at your Father, and continues:

“But, we think that it would good if you had the opportunity to spread your wings a little before the wedding, so your Father has agreed to let you spend the Summer visiting relatives in the Netherlands. This way you will be able to visit many places that you’ve never seen before. How does that sound?”

Tallina of Leiden

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