The Fading Twilight

The Letters in the Satchel

Below is the text from the three letters and the promissory note discovered in Hans’s satchel:

My faithful servant Estaban,
Once you have delivered the package to our friend in Amsterdam, make your way to Antwerp. There proceed to the Crooked Windmill inn where my contact will make himself known to you and provide you with the details of your next assignment. You must be there before the last day of May.
5th February 1610

My faithful servant Estaban,
I have received word from our friend in London. After some recent setbacks to our plans there, rapid progress is now being made.
With this in mind, I need for you to travel to London as soon as the matter in Antwerp is concluded. Matters are being arranged as I write this.
Upon your arrival in London proceed without delay to the house of John Chandler the Vintner.
12th February 1610

My faithful servant Estaban,
With your invaluable efforts, our plans are ever closer to fruition. You have my deepest gratitude for everything that you have done so far. However, I need for you to complete another task for me.
This is of the utmost importance and so I would ask you to address this matter prior to embarking for London.
It seems that one of our suppliers is unhappy with his side of the bargain and has taken that which is not his to take.
The Lady Jane will be in Amsterdam at the beginning of May. You know what to do.
25th February 1610

No. 216 60/50 Amsterdam 4 January. 1610

The Governor & Company of the Van Den Brink Banking House constituted by the States-General of the United Provinces do hereby oblige themselves to pay to Bram Westhoven or the Bearer the sum of one hundred Rijksdaalder on demand.

By Order of the Court of Directors (4 January 1610)

Pim Franzen

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